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About Us

Remember the time when, as a kid or during the college days, you entered home and the aroma of mom cooked food, instantly made you smile? You ate your grub and never had to worry about the taste and health factor, ‘cause you knew the food was not just tasty but nutritious too! Today due to the busy routine and no time to cook food at home or prepare that seasonal delicacy, do you wonder where to get that Aam ka Achaar from or where to that Aam Ras from? If yes, you’re at the right place! Alikemom is not just about getting you home cooked food but each plate of food served through Alikemom is prepared using fresh, locally produce in our own kitchen that resonates with memories of home & childhood and we make food in small quantities , love is the only additive that goes into it! just like as your mom does. At Alikemom , we ensure that the food we serve is clean and healthy by maintaining hygiene and taste to make sure that through every plate, we deliver a scrumptious plate even your mother would approve of!

Alikemom team is full of passion for providing you the authentic "homemade food". .


Opening Hours

We are open from Am to Pm , 9 am to 2 am

We are just a whatsapp or a Call away 9538007560

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Vision & Mission

Alikemom's vision is to change people's eating habit by delivering homemade food.

Alikemom's mission is to make India healthy by delivering homemade food using technology as a platform and make everyone accessible to homemade food.


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